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Digital Growth Media is an E-commerce growth agency whose
main focus is to help online retailers grow their businesses via Facebook ad campaigns.  Our experience in Facebook advertising gives us a competitive edge over our competitors, with our deep dive strategy and analysis that allows us to formulate a strategy that gets results!

Facebook Advertising

Let us quickly scale your business using one of the largest marketing platforms on earth.

Lead Generation Services

Harnessing the power of Facebook and Google My Business for a huge return on Lead Generation.

Social Media Management

From content creation, scheduling and account growth, we offer a one stop solution

We specialise in GROWTH MANAGEMENT

Conveniently Reach Your Audience With Facebook Ads.

Be the Buzz on Social Media

Are you selling your products online but not getting as many customers as you had hoped? Have you been trying to figure out your next marketing step? Do spend time searching for an awesome Facebook Advertising Agency but haven’t found the right one yet?

Using Facebook Ads through Digital Growth Media is the way to go! By using Facebook ads, you can reach almost anyone who has a Facebook account. Your ads will be targeted towards your desired demographic, so you won’t have to waste money on excessive advertising.

Scale with Digital Growth Media!

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Our 5 Step Approach to SCALE We utilise these steps to rapidly scale up sales for direct-to-consumer brands and retailers

1. Strategy

We align our strategy with your sales goals

2. Audience Building

With the clever use of pixels, we build audiences keen to buy from you

3. Build Funnels

Funnels are the heart and soul of our media buying strategy

4. Campaign Optimisation

Our unique approach to optimisation ensure that you have product/market fit

5. Campaign Scaling

Scale up to new markets, geographies and new audiences